“The History of Venetian Renaissance Sculpture” was named Apollo’s BOOK OF THE YEAR 2018


The History of Venetian Renaissance Sculpture, ca. 1400–1530” by Anne Markham Schulz was named BOOK OF THE YEAR 2018 by Apollo, The International Art Magazine.

“Markham Schulz takes us back to the roots of art history and the importance of looking. And she enables the reader to do the same. Through what must have been a Herculean task of persuasion and patience, she succeeded in having photographed a great deal of Venetian sculpture that is normally impossible to see – let alone at close quarters. The second volume of her publication is taken up with hundreds of newly commissioned black-and-white images of works on church rooftops, on facades or perched atop towering altars – all at an angle that enables readers to contemplate them properly.”

Stuart Lochhead, in: Apollo Magazine, Book of the Year 2018