Harvey Miller Publishers was founded in 1968 by Harvey and Elly Miller, who established its tradition of producing richly illustrated, well-designed, and meticulously edited books. The London-based imprint quickly earned a reputation for publishing essential works of scholarship that make a significant contribution to the study of medieval art.

Since 2000, Harvey Miller has been an imprint of the international publishing house Brepols, whose  experience in the production and marketing of academic books has facilitated  the expansion of both the scope and range of Harvey Miller titles. Enterprising editorial planning and production support from Brepols Publishers has made it possible for Harvey Miller to acquire and publish books on painting, drawing, sculpture, and architecture of later periods.

The imprint now plans to widen its approach to art history—placing art in the context of the cultural history—while continuing to publish high quality, academic volumes written by authors in the forefront of worldwide art historical scholarship.

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