Carlo Cesare Malvasia’s Felsina Pittrice: The Lives of the Bolognese Painters

Series Editors: Lorenzo Pericolo, Elizabeth Cropper

Count Carlo Cesare Malvasia’s Felsina pittrice, or Lives of the Bolognese Painters, first published in two volumes in Bologna in 1678, is one of the most important sources for the history and criticism of painting in Italy. In this new critical edition by Lorenzo Pericolo, which will appear in a series of volumes, there will also be published for the first time in their entirety Malvasia’s relevant preparatory notes to the Felsina pittrice, or the Scritti originali. Careful analysis of all these materials will make it possible to reevaluate Malvasia’s status as a historian, and provide new information about the construction of the Felsina pittrice as a book.

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